Am i an indigo child astrology

I can compare to some of the traits of indigos, and I was told I had borderline ADD when I was younger and took medicine for maybe 3 yrs. Jul 22, Rating Aquarius! Jul 03, Rating 27 Year Old Indigo by: Kristen I'm a Capricorn Indigo I did one of those silly test on Facebook two days ago for your birthday and oddly enough it said personalities most like you: 1 was Edgar Cayce I am feeling very strong spiritual vibes right now. I've made some good contacts so far. Please feel free to email me Kristenwagner25 msn. Jun 08, Rating hi by: melissa hey im a scorpio indigo. Like many or all of you Indigos I am also an Empath and have most of the claire's.

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May 20, Rating Indigo by: Anonymous I was told in February this year that I'm an indigo and it didn't come as much of a surprise to me. I'm empathic and frequently contact guides in dreams. As a child I was haunted by nightmares and isolation. All of my planets except Jupiter fall within an 88 degree arc from 8 Libra - 6 Capricorn. I have major problems with depression and anxiety but it's the faith in my spiritual mission which keeps me going. Just found out about being an empath. Sometimes when I'm in a room with alot of people, I feel really ill, and can't think for the rest of the day.

I used to avoid social situations, and didn't understand why, until I was diagnosed with Asergers. Then I started reading about Empaths. I have a son who is autistic, and daughter with aspergers. I have had many people say that I have read their mind. I have had many epiphanies, and I had a vision about Princess Diana before she died. Sometimes, things affect me really bad, and I don't know why. I feel when someone has love for me, even strong dislike.

It's very confusing, and sometims even debilitating. Anyone out there with advice, I'd be glad to hear it. Love Yall.. Indigo woman here. And, sigh, also a woman who is a Pisces sun, Scorpio moon and Pisces rising. Did anyone need a Pacific Ocean worth of emotion? Cuz I have extra! Born I am definately an indigo, crystal or star-person. I knew I was "different" since the day I could think and have had strange things happen to me my entire life. Dreams that come true, hearing voices, I even used to believe I could move things with my mind. I am hypersensitive, very intuitive, sometimes psychic, fond of animals, waaaay into music and art, and have felt driven to change the world my entire life.

Unfortunately I also have problems with saddness and anger occasionally. I've been told I was a star-person, and then met an aware indigo man whom I was with nearly 3 years who told me I was indigo. After meeting him my aura went from blue to purple, with occasional glimpses of pink.

Apr 16, Rating yup. I think you may be on to something here. My mother is also indigo and she is a scorpio as well. My daughters are both born on cusps, the eldest between Aquarius and Pisces, the other between Libra and Scorpio - she like my mum is moon in Libra. This is fascinating Mar 04, Rating cancer by: Anonymous cancer here. Interestingly while dating I always fell hard for Cancer and Aries signs. My rising is also in Aquarius, and my moon is in Scorpio. I am also highly sensitive to see and feel other people's intentions and vibrational frequencies, an empath as they say.

There are some interesting aspects with the moon, Neptune and also with Pluto with my sun sign, moon sign, ascendant and some others. Nov 05, Rating Scorpio by: dawnbreak I believe I am an adult indigo. I was born November 6, Scorpio with Libra rising. I was fascinated to find out that in this forum, somebody who was born on November 8, also believes she is an adult indigo. I'd love to chat with other Indigos, nkdsoul80 yahoo. I've always been hypersensitive but never really had any psychic experiences. I always hated the traditional school systems and hated punishment and authority.

However, my ex-boyfriend which, I still see, is really out of the ordinary. People thought he had ADHD, he's fearless, loves nature, spends a lot of time alone, has a unique way of dealing with technology etc etc etc I'm just wondering if my aura took on the color of his aura and maybe that is why I was told I was an indigo. I've read that this is common. People who are around or caring for indigos take on an indigo, violet-like, aura. If you could help me figure that one out.. So basically I'm a Libra as far as sun signs.

I'm definitely an Indigo and a clairvoyant empath. The weird thing, though, is that my mother is a Cancer and my father is a Pisces. Water is of course deeply tied to emotions and sensitivity. This is interesting because Indigo's are known to be extra emotionally charged folks- many of them so much so that they are empaths and clairvoyants. So I think there could be something to it but it is true that there are other factors such as who your parents are and how you were raised, and other astrological factors such as moon and ascendant, plus many other environmental additions.

Also my three year old son is a crystal child- and not because thats my name- but look that up sometime because its really interesting how these Crystal children are coming in now instead of Indigo. They don't talk as quick and are really shy and even more sensitive then Indigos. Many "Autistic" or "Aspergers" kids are actually Crystals. Anyway thats all for now Jan 27, Rating Sun sign means next to nothing by: Anonymous There are so many factors in astrology that asking for someone's Sun sign is about as useful in analysis as asking for their shoe size.

You should consider specific aspects - do Indigos have that common mids conjunction of Uranus and Pluto? Do either of those, or other, planets tend to fall in specific houses? Is the planet that rules someone's rising sign commonly in one house or sign. Too complicated for a little survey here. I have a twin sister who is my opposite she doesn't seem to be indigo but I'm not an expert in these things. Maybe we all have a little magic inside we just need to wake up and remember. Are indigo's born awake and in tune? Nov 06, Rating Hello! The best thing I like about being an Aries is that I have a lot of courage and I love a good cause.

Being an indigo I think might soften the Aries Ram characteristics. Sep 19, Rating Indigo I know some of my past lives I have many intuitions and premonitions, and I automatic write I'm a Scorpio. Sep 13, Rating re. I'm Capricorn. But I? If you found the Psychic Junkie Website useful please sprinkle some pixie dust by: leaving a review on Facebook or a share on your social network.

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  • The Arrival of the Indigo Children.

Jul 07, Rating. Cancerian Indigo Pleiadian by: Rachael Soon to be 33 y. Jun 30, Rating. Apr 04, Rating. Mar 03, Rating. Dec 03, Rating. Oct 08, Rating. I know I am something May 26, Rating. Taurus female indego by: Anonymous I can and have the trueth and knowledge of the end of the world and I'm a child of God chosen for the end of the world what do you see about me. Mar 24, Rating. Star Child by: Celeste Helia Hi.

Rosemary Harrington, M.A.

Feb 17, Rating. Sep 22, Rating. Taurus Indigo by: Anonymous I'm a 17 year old indigo with my sun in Taurus and moon in gemini. Jul 09, Rating. Leo sign by: A. May 27, Rating. Mar 04, Rating. Scorpio by: Robert I'm having issue figuring this all out and would love to talk with others in my same position. Feb 12, Rating. Virgo by: Anonymous Im a virgo i have the sun,moon, and mercury hehe.

Nov 09, Rating. Jun 28, Rating. Mar 29, Rating. Feb 22, Rating. Libran Indigo by: Lynne I am an Indigo and an empath. Feb 02, Rating. Jan 24, Rating. Planetary placement by: Herman Hey, idk how old this is, but to answer ur question. Dec 29, Rating. Dec 17, Rating. Dec 04, Rating. Gemini by: Jessica I just started researching the Indigo Child theories.

Nov 02, Rating. Indigo Pisces by: John Born Feb. Oct 20, Rating. Sep 25, Rating. Sep 15, Rating. Sep 08, Rating. Indigo Gemini by: Lindsay June 3 Was told I was an indigo and through research have identified all characteristics. Jun 26, Rating. May 04, Rating. Apr 29, Rating.

How to Recognize You're A Indigo, Crystal, Starseed, Or Rainbow Child

Libra and Indigo by: Travdawg Millionaire I have every indigo trait that I've seen attributed to indigos, i'm also a Libra. Possible Indigo? Mar 26, Rating. Mar 18, Rating. Mar 15, Rating. Indigo child by: Yanni I am an indigo child and a young one i might add im a high school freshman im a pisces feb 26 Mar 02, Rating. Feb 16, Rating. Dec 02, Rating. Nov 19, Rating. Nov 18, Rating. Sep 17, Rating. Indigo aura too!

Jul 18, Rating. Taurus Indigo Child by: Marquisha I'm an indigo child. Jul 08, Rating. Jun 27, Rating. Libra by: Andre Im a libra. Jun 22, Rating. Jun 17, Rating. Jun 11, Rating. Apr 17, Rating. Oct 27, Rating. Indigo-Pisces by: I am an adult Indigo-Pisces.

Truth and Deception

Oct 26, Rating. Scorpio by: Anonymous Scorpio indigo born Oct 22, Rating.

What Is a Star Child?

Oct 21, Rating. May 06, Rating. Apr 13, Rating. Sign and aura by: Anonymous There is no evidence that Indigos are water signs. Apr 12, Rating. Apr 06, Rating. Indigos come in all shapes,sizes and signs by: Anonymous Indigo Taurus. Feb 19, Rating. Feb 09, Rating. Jan 22, Rating. Jan 20, Rating. Taurus by: Anonymous Born on April 30th in Dec 31, Rating. Capricorn by: Anonymous I am a capricorn born December 23,' Dec 27, Rating.

Indigo Aries by: Anonymous I'm a Indigo was born two weeks late suppose to be pieces but now aries 27 March Dec 11, Rating. Dec 05, Rating. Indigo by: nicholas I am me and you are you. Nov 15, Rating. Nov 14, Rating. Oct 14, Rating. Indigo starseed - : by: lenz Hello I am indigo.

Sep 18, Rating. Aug 31, Rating. Picses by: Lillybet I was born march 15th Very into music, art, theatre, the supernatural, other peoples beliefs and opinions, debating, the strange and scary. Jul 17, Rating. Jun 05, Rating. Sagitarius Indigo by: Joyous I was told by my psychic i am a older indigo. Apr 25, Rating.

Apr 15, Rating. Sagittarius by: Taylor Im an indigo, as well as a sagittarius. Apr 05, Rating. Gamma Indigo by: Anonymous I am a Virgo. Virgo by: Intresting I am a Virgo, my b-day is , my birthchart is in the shape of an upside down bowl. I was very much into the Occult and other esoteric studies as a kid. Last edited: Dec 18, Thanks x Dec 18, Interesting topic OP Pluto in a sign alone can't determine that because generations of people have it because Pluto is such a slow-moving planet There has to be more about the placement of Pluto house and its aspects.

This will be good to investigate. Thanks x 2. Cancer moon? I think it has more to do with numerology. My Pluto is in scorpio conjunction with my lillith in scorpio. Scorpio is also in my 12th house Hey my Pluto is in sag but can someone explain the house thing to me? Dec 19, I have Pluto in the 8th trine NN among other interesting aspects. Off to do some investigating Geeez there are so many other things I could be doing today.

Indigo children are usually anti establishment, don't like school, don't care to work for others, don't respect authority, question everything and are warriors. The black sheeps of their families. The rebels. They're your protesters, injustice fighters. Very outspoken and not here for the bullshit. They're leaders not followers. March to beat of their own drum. If everyone is going left they're going right. Thanks x 16 Hugs!

Dec 20, I am an Indigo Child. There are different generations of Indigo children. Everyone is Not an Indigo child. You will know if you are by how you live your life. Indigo children have very different distinct perspective and approaches to life. Starling Publishers. In: Asprem, Egil; Granholm, Kennet eds. Contemporary Esotericism. Routledge , Sentient Times. Hay House , An Indigo Celebration. Indigo Life Center. January 12, Retrieved November 11, Publishers Weekly.

January 1, What Color is Your Aura? Pocket Books , New World Library , Light Technology Publishing. Dallas Observer. USA Today. Archived from the original on October 1, Retrieved June 14, Journal of Attention Disorders. Zohreh NYU Press. Oh my! Bourgeois pseudoscience Suppressed research in the Soviet Union Traditional medicine.

Am I an Indigo Child? - Astrologers' Community

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