Seventh place in astrology

Watch out.

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That one frequently backfires on you. Conversely, you yourself may become more practical and hard working after marriage. What this placement definitely does NOT favor is a spur of the moment marriage for romantic reasons to someone you just met. Uranus in the Seventh House : may never get married. Too independent and likes it that way. Or they may get married when young to someone much older. Or when they are old to someone much younger.

There has to be something unusual about the partner or the partnership.

Planets related to this house

Maybe the partner is a genius, or eccentric, or plain flat-out crazy. Perhaps the partner travels a lot. Bi-costal marriages would tend to have this. Forget the house in the suburbs with the white picket fence. If the marriage ever becomes too conventional, it ends.

Friendship in marriage is important here. Robert Raymond Shanks called this one "the Svengalli aspect".

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Neptune in the Seventh House : is good if you are a therapist or social worker. Others can feel your sympathy. But remember what I wrote about Neptune in the fifth house, the house of romance? This house does not usually cover short-term commitments.

The 7th house in astrology can be confusing when it comes to love. Marriage always is affected by the seventh house, even if the people in the marriage are unhappy with how things are going and even if they are no longer in love. It could be argued that couples who live together could be affected by the seventh house , though. When the sun is in the 7th house , a person is most likely to focus on their relationships that affect their job.

If they are close to their boss or coworkers, then they are likely to try to use this relationship to their advantage. If a person is not close to their boss or coworkers, then they will be likely to begin to work on these relationships so they can gain something from these relationships later on in their career. Based on the seventh house meaning , when the moon is in this house, a person is likely to let their emotions control their relationships. A person will want to make sure that the relationship that they have with another person is secure or real.

If a person does not feel safe and sound in a relationship, romantic or not, then they are likely to try to find more security, either in their current relationship or within a new relationship.

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Mercury in the 7th house is likely to encourage a person to improve their relationships in their business life. A person will likely need to learn how to improve their communication skills if they want to be able to better the relationships that they already have, or if they want to begin new relationships with higher-ups or coworkers. The better a person improves how they communicate, the happier they are likely to be during this time. Venus is the ruling planet of the seventh house. This planet has the greatest effect on the signs in the seventh house.

A person is likely to focus on their romantic relationship during this time. If a person is in a failing relationship, then they may do what they can to improve it, or they may instead look for someone new who may be more compatible with them. If a person is in a happy marriage, then they will instead focus on what makes it great, and try to make their relationship even better.

Mars in the seventh house in astrology will encourage people to become more assertive in their relationships. People may feel that acting more aggressive than usual will help them to get what they want, which can help at times. However, sometimes aggressive will do more harm than good. It is common to talk to people who are feeling more negative than usual, which can negatively affect both sides of the relationship that the two people share.

The Seventh House of Astrology: Marriage, Partnerships and Public Enemies | Simona Rich

Jupiter in the seventh house prompts people to make their relationships bigger and better in every way that they can think of. A person may feel inclined to go to new places so that they can meet new people, or they may feel as though they need to talk about new things with old friends. For the most part, people will do whatever they can to improve their relationships, which is likely to work out well. The First House is about identity, and across the wheel, the Seventh shapes your identity in a relationship. Both are angular houses, which means they're forward leaning and have an impact.

Planets here affect relationships, whether they're conventional or break the mold.

The 7th House // Your Other Half

If Uranus is here, for example, you might have some unusual set-up, like each having your own room. With Jupiter here, your beloved opens you up to far-flung worlds, cultures, and horizons. You're generous with others and inspire them to reach for what's calling their heart and soul. You like to remind others of possibilities, so they don't stay in a narrow groove.

The 12 Houses of the Zodiac

Is your love life tragic, or are you lucky in love? Will you marry many times or just once? Will it be a happy marriage, a tumultuous one, or both? Like the love line on your palm, this house has clues to what lessons you'll encounter. The Seventh House shows whether you're apt to partner up in business or go it alone.