November 28 equinox astrology

This phase reorients us at the end of a cycle, and is highly inventive in finding ways to embody personal ideals and truths into organized systems. This season will bring us all a different historical perspective, taking universal principles into account. With the element distribution, there should be an emphasis on practicality with almost as much interrelatedness and interactivity, since we have 4 planets in Earth, 3 in Air, 2 in Water, and 1 in Fire. That indicates inspiration will have to come from within, since it seems the coming season is one of practical ideas grounded in high emotions and important interactions.

So take a look at the vision of a transformed life and world being offered to you as you catch glimpses of a greater sense of community and connectedness. Open to a new archetypal role or vision, let yourself be transformed, and breathe easy as you learn and teach through kindness and the ability to get beyond the knowledge by understanding how to transmit and receive ideas. Get ready to accept new methods, new vision, new archetypes, and new roles to play.

Make decisions, be decisive and act as you need to. Let your decisions lead you to deep experiences, which in turn will bring you new vision and new understanding. Learn and teach through anecdotes, and keep your understanding new, fresh, and up to date. Do not rely on old information, and beware of superficial people making superficial statements. As you do what you need to do, remember to experience yourself as you move through the changes, since by going deeper you will find new perspectives and a new life order.

The next 90 days are radical growth in personal feeling experiences, with all polarization and conflict serving personality integration. What is the spiritual mandala of your existence? See what you need to invite into your house of personality, and what sustains you. See what and who is leaving your life, and escort them out the door.

Let yourself heal into your Higher Self, be educated in dynamic releases and transformations, and soar to the heights. Buena suerte, and Godspeed!! Aum and blessings as we stand on the threshold of a new season of life! September 23, Permalink. Posted by: Nic September 23, at PM. Well, yes - that is a chart worth looking at and thinking about. You got my attention, having Sun and Mercury in mid-Aries, not to mention the rest of my cardinal cross, so here we go again.

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What are the names of the 12 zodiac signs? What does your zodiac sign say about you? Tags: See All Tags agricultural , Aquarius , Aries , astrology , astronomy , autumn , Babylon , cancer , Capricorn , celestial , constellation , coordinate , cultures of the world , ecliptic , equinox , fall , future , Gemini , history , horoscope , latitude , Leo , Libra , longitude , Pisces , predict , Sagittarius , Scorpio , season , sign , sky , solstice , spring , star , summer , Taurus , vernal , Virgo , winter , zodiac.

The 12 signs of the zodiac and their symbols are as follows: Aries — the ram March April 19 Taurus — the bull April May 20 Gemini — the twins May June 20 Cancer — the crab June July 22 Leo — the lion July August 22 Virgo — the maiden August September 22 Libra — the scales September October 22 Scorpio — the scorpion October November 21 Sagittarius — the archer November December 21 Capricorn — the sea goat December January 19 Aquarius — the water bearer January February 18 Pisces — the fish February March 20 Many of the signs of the zodiac come from identifiable constellations that fall within their particular celestial division of the zodiac.

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Grab a friend or family member and check out one or more of the following activities together: People seem to be fascinated with predictions about the future, especially when it comes to events that might happen to them personally. It's only natural. You're probably a bit curious about what the future holds for you in the coming days, weeks, and months.

It's Here: Your Beauty Horoscope for the Fall Equinox

One tried and true predictor of the future happens to be a tasty dessert that we learned about in a previous Wonder of the Day. So go back in time to learn more about your future when you explore Can Fortune Cookies Predict the Future? So what do the stars say about your personality? Do you know your zodiac sign? Grab a friend or family member and jump online to check out What Is My Sign.

Just enter your birthday and the site will tell you your zodiac sign. Do you agree with the characteristics that supposedly go along with your zodiac sign? If you're like most people, some of the descriptions may fit you, while others do not. | A stellar process of transformation

You can also find out the names of other famous people with the same zodiac sign. Who do you share a sign with? Do you think you're like those people? Why or why not? Could you write a horoscope? Why not? Your guesses about behavior are just as good as anyone else's, right? Take some time today to think about a couple of different friends or family members. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are the feelers of the zodiac. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are mainly practical types. They will quietly beaver away at whatever it is they do and get the job done.

The characters Quadruplicities can be looked at by using an analogy of the four seasons. To others it may just be an esoteric term to be glossed over. Well, not any more! The Moon is said to be Void of Course when it has no further major aspects to be made before it leaves a particular sign.

Major aspects are conjunctions, oppositions, squares, trines and sextiles. This state of affairs can last from a few seconds up to two and a half days—the approximate time it takes for the Moon to travel completely through one sign. It is at exactly the point of the square—from here the two bodies are separating.

The next VoC period—after a conjunction of the Moon with Mercury in Capricorn—was just an hour and 24 minutes. That occurs when most of the rest of the Zodiacal planets are all in one or two places. So, in Figure 2 put the Moon in Sagittarius. It gets into Capricorn a little later—and is Void of Course again immediately because there are no major aspects to be made until it enters Aquarius a couple of days and a bit further on.

But what does a Void of Course mean astrologically? Clearing out, finishing off and planning what to do next is also good.

April 12222 Newsletter

Or the time when everyone in the office really got behind a new idea and pushed—and it still bombed? One other situation which is specific, I think, for writers, artists, musicians and any other creative types. You may find that doing anything at all is difficult during such a period and I have a theory. Because painting, composing, writing or even throwing a pot is continuous creation, rather than just starting a project and then letting it roll, you may find yourself short of inspiration or unable to settle to a job. So there you have it. Now you know about Void of Course Moons—and the little table below will show you when they are for the next three months so that you can observe and avoid them.

The variations depended on where you in America are and whether or not your local State, County or other public body recognises Daylight Saving Time. There was also the New Moon in Leo at However, VoC Moons is another article. Yes, eclipses are special but essentially a Solar eclipse is a New Moon with attitude.

The old order may change—somewhat—but not right now. All except Mercury are making a trine aspect to retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius in the 10th House. So, what does it mean for the UK? All that going on in the 7th House means that partnerships of all sorts are going to come in for really, really intense scrutiny. My impression from this chart is that there will be a change in focus, quietly and in the background, from how to get the UK out of Europe to how to keep it in. The Venus-Pluto-Jupiter T-square is another indicator of change but as much a change of heart than anything necessarily visible; this gives me to think that a sort of non-Brexit Brexit is very much on the cards, if not actually a volte-face by everybody except the die-hards which sees the UK essentially remaining in the EU.

The change of heart is in the Venus-Pluto opposition axis with whatever damage-limitation necessary indicated by Jupiter in Libra in the 8th House, itself a further indicator of change. We shall see. Working out this eclipse vis-a-vis the USA is a bit complicated, not least because we have to look at the Natal chart for its 45th President at the same time. On top of which several charts exist for the USA, owing largely to disputed times for the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence, among other things.

The eclipse constellation of Mars-N. Uranus in Aries in the Natal 5th House is exactly trine the eclipse. The 9th House is about long-distance communication, philosophy and justice. A Solar eclipse in there would indicate change or changes in the Justice system; with a Mars conjunction involved the impetus for change is ramped up; with the eclipse in exact opposition to the Natal Moon in Aquarius the revolutionary in the 3rd House the American people, or a significant proportion thereof, is going to have a hissy-fit of monumental proportions and pretty much insist that Justice Must Be Done.

Add Uranus in Aries into that and a creative 5th House means of doing so will be found, right the hell now. For what, and in which field, remains to be seen as this chart is essentially for the USA as the Federal entity, rather than as the several States, and so there is the potential for some local injustice coming to the fore as well as whatever is going on in Washington DC. The thing is, this chart could topple a king. What you see on the news and in person, however, is the Leo Ascendant.

Leo Ascendant can look like a king; can sound like a king; really, really wants to be a king. I have Leo rising—I speak from experience. Sun in Gemini is the speaker who can sway a crowd, but only with slogans, and charm the birds from the trees, but only temporarily.

Moon in Sagittarius is capable of proper oratory but Mr. Trouble is that Sagittarius can also get away with it; but only up to a point. Without going into too much detail, as you may be getting bored by now, this could go one of three ways. Second up is that Mr. Trump is persuaded, by family, friends, business associates or whoever, that he either has to change or resign.

Top of my list are two things; a stroke of sufficient severity to render him permanently incapable of holding office change imposed from without or a mental breakdown with the same effect change from within. And if things do start to change that way Mr. Probably not a good idea. None of this is likely to happen right now. But do expect change, especially in the Justice system and possibly in the political system, including but not limited to an Amendment which makes getting elected an entirely different prospect. Ever wondered why you tend to burst into tears at the drop of a hat?

Or why you are so impulsive? It has to do with the elemental balance in your astrological chart….

The Start of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere!

So, there are four elements; Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Fire types are impulsive, friendly and generous—and have a bit of a temper. Water people, on the other hand, seem to have nothing but emotion! Give them a Lassie film and you get instant puddle! Whereas the Earth lot are less given to overt displays of anything in particular—they are usually in the shed doing something mysteriously practical or in the kitchen producing something wonderful for supper….

In your own ways you tend to be very impulsive; Aries will rush headlong into whatever has piqued her interest, get halfway through and leave it unfinished having discovered a new game to play. Not backward in coming forward, Leo! Sagittarius is a traveller and seeker of knowledge and thinks nothing of disappearing to the other side of the world in search of some obscure information to help the latest quest. That passion also translates into a fiery temper which can be as spectacular as it is short-lived.

Libra likes to make things prettier so that sign sort of fancifies things a bit. Neither sign can keep a secret, either. They operate rationally, logically and infuriatingly through their intellect. They all have the capacity for changing their minds and their positions on a given subject and denying that they ever held a different opinion. They are faithful friends but, should they be crossed, upset or slighted they will take a while to forgive and a long time to forget.

To sample the full range of human emotion, hang out with Water signs. They are not the quickest of beings, either. Taurus takes his time to make things work right and look nice. Virgo takes her time so that the details are correct to the point, sometimes, that she forgets the overall plan while Capricorn is concerned that not only should the job be done correctly, it should be seen to be done correctly. Rather a stickler for the rules, Capricorn—but capable of bending or breaking them if the situation demands it.

You are all basically practical people. Reliable and dependable. You just get it fixed. So we have the date: the time is for when the polls open at 7.