Grahamalika yoga horoscope

And as discussed above, Kala Sarpa more than triples the chances of forming Pravrajya yoga.

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But as a consequence of having four planets in one sign, the chance of planetary war also increases. Since this is another astronomical phenomenon that affects planetary avasthas , it too merits a closer look. Graha yuddha , or planetary war, occurs when two true planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn conjoin within one degree of longitude.

And the luminaries are never involved in planetary war. We can calculate the odds for planetary war, both in the average chart and those with Kala Sarpa. First consider the outer planets, which enjoy complete freedom of movement relative to the Sun. Among themselves, and with the inferior planets, Planet A engages in planetary war with Planet B within one degree of approaching exactitude, and one degree of separating, for a possible two degrees out of Between the inner planets Mercury and Venus, the chances of planetary war are higher.

Grim prospect of Kalasarpa Yoga

Even if Mercury was as far east of the Sun as it could get, and Venus was as far west as it could get, the two are never more than 76 degrees apart. Therefore, ignoring the complications of retrogression, Mercury and Venus form planetary war within a two-degree arc of their entire degree range, or 2. Under Kala Sarpa , the chances of the outer planets forming planetary war are roughly doubled. There are 10 different pairs of graha yuddha possible among the five true planets. The theoretical chance of planetary war in the average chart is 7. However, in an analysis of charts, the observed occurrence of planetary war is In other words, Kala Sarpa almost doubles the actual incidence of graha yuddha compared to the average chart.

By the final bell, both opponents are virtually on the ropes. Just as in real war, graha yuddha harms both parties to the conflict. Thus, Kala Sarpa raises the odds of damaging one planet or another, and therefore, some aspect of the life. However, when we compare the incidence of Pravrajya yoga and graha yuddha across three different populations — the general public, as well as both ordinary people and famous people with Kala Sarpa charts — an interesting phenomenon emerges.

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In Graph 2 below, the first pair of columns shows that, for the general population, theoretically 5. However, in actual Kala Sarpa charts, the observed incidence of both Pravrajya yoga and graha yuddha jumps dramatically, as seen in the other two pairs of columns. Note the difference, however, between ordinary and famous people with Kala Sarpa charts.

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Although both groups have the same observed incidence of Pravrajya yogas Whereas planetary war occurs Although many other factors contribute to fame, we might speculate that, although Kala Sarpa favors the formation of Pravrajya yoga, famous people are more fortunate in the disposition of those particular planets. Aside from Pravrajya yoga itself, the potential consequence of four or more planets in association is that they may in turn form multiple other yogas, depending on the ascendant and the houses ruled by those planets.

As an example, consider the following case study, just one of 36 presented in my book as examples of how to interpret this complex pattern. Charles Baudelaire was a French poet best known for a single collection of poetry, Les Fleurs du Mal Flowers of Evil which was widely admired by fellow artists while simultaneously condemned by authorities for offending public morals.

He received an inheritance but squandered most of it within 18 months.


He was in chronic debt throughout his life, lived in cheap hotels, and once moved six times in one month just to avoid his creditors. He was tormented and complicated — a Catholic Satanist, a debauched mystic, a cynical sensualist who searched for purity among prostitutes, yet reveled in sexual sadism. He contracted syphilis at an early age and developed an addiction to opium to ease the pain of his affliction.

Between that and heavy drinking, he was in poor health for much of his life. By age 41, signs of insanity were evident, and by age 46 he scarcely knew his own name. Baudelaire has six planets in his Pisces 8th house. Overall, this remarkable cluster, aside from forming Pravrajya yoga itself, contains 11 Raja yogas and six Dhana yogas! Surprisingly, since all five true planets occupy the same sign, no pair of them is close enough to engage in planetary war. Saturn is totally combust in the 8th, the only planet weakened by proximity within this remarkable cluster of planets.

Written by Smartastroguru(R. N. Sharma)

Although kendra lord Saturn forms Raja yoga with trinal lords Sun, Jupiter and Mars, these are the least desirable of Raja yogas since Saturn is also a maraka lord. Kala Sarpa : a mixed blessing.

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  • In summary, the astronomical parameters dictated by of Kala Sarpa have astrological consequences. As we saw in my previous article, the crowding of planets into half the zodiac restricts the brightness of the Moon and that of the true planets by curtailing, respectively, its lunation cycle and their retrogression phases. Similarly, Kala Sarpa forces the planets into clusters, risking combustion and planetary war. At best, Kala Sarpa might be viewed as a mixed blessing, albeit one that requires careful judgment as to its final outcome.


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